Established in 1922, Remington & Co Solicitors is a boutique law firm located in the centre of Sydney’s Central Business District, next to The Downing Centre and opposite the historic Mark Foy’s Building and close to Museum Station.

The firm specialises in Civil matters, Family Law matters (including parenting disputes), Traffic matters, Criminal Law disputes of any nature, Personal Injury Claims,  Motor Vehicle Accidents and Insurance Claims in The Downing Centre’s Local and District Courts.

Since 1981, The Firm has been led by Senior Solicitor Howard N. Simons who has operated the practice for over 45 years. His current team consists of a group of young dedicated professionals, who take time to understand each client’s needs.

As stated above, Remington & Co Solicitors specialises in areas of Family Law, Mediation and Civil disputes. In special instances, Criminal Law matters are referred to the firm. The firm is also a member of Legal Aid New South Wales and will consider each application according to merit.

Should you require any legal advice in the above areas please do not hesitate to telephone our office on (02) 9267 6133.